John wins Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack!

An aspiring Scottish politician has won the latest version of the Big Brother reality TV show, earning himself a £55,000 prize.

John Loughton, 20, from Edinburgh was declared the winner of Channel 4's Big Brother Celebrity Hijack last night, narrowly pipping Emilia Arata, from Birmingham to second place.

The show had been forced to drastically change its format after last year's controversy whereby contestant Jade Goody was accused of racially bullying Shilpa Shetty.

Unlike previous years, the housemates were not comprised of celebrities but instead made up of young people aged 18-21 who all had a distinct talent that they were hoping to pursue as a career.

Various well-known TV presenters, actors and comedians took it in turns to be the voice of Big Brother telling the housemates to carry out set tasks.

This year's show has not pulled in the usually high ratings. When the first episode aired earlier this month, 3.4 million viewers tuned in - compared to the 7.1 million of last year's Celebrity Big Brother.

The series was mainly screened on the digital channel E4 whereas in previous years Big Brother has usually had a prime-time Channel 4 slot.

Loughton, chairman of the Scottish Youth Parliament, became the early favourite to win after passing a secret task set by comedian Matt Lucas in the first week.

He was directed through a hidden earpiece to do whatever Lucas ordered including claiming he was a psychic, a boxer, a musician and the author of The Sound Of Music score. He passed the task and as a result guaranteed himself a place in the final.

Second placed Emilia Arata is a circus performer and roller skating contortionist who carries out a double act with her brother Victor, who was also on the show.

Amy Jackson, 21, from Leeds, a conceptual artist, came third with 21.9 per cent of the vote and Anthony Ogogo, 19, a boxer, from Lowestoft, was fourth with 21.6 per cent.


Brian Sewell slams IQ levels

Posh art critic Brian Sewell has slammed the level of intelligence displayed by the so-called prodigies in the Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack house.

Sewell said the programme was sold to him as housing the 12 brightest and best young Britons in their fields. Having watched the first show, however, he was very disappointed with the general intellectual level.

"As the programme wore on I began to dislike you more and more," he said.

But then the latest celebrity hijacker gave them an opportunity to redeem themselves - setting them the task of creating a four-course dinner.


Big Brother Celebrity Hijack - The boys wear dresses

Brian Sewell makes the male housemates cross-dress

The latest Celebrity Hijacker, art critic Brian Sewell, made the housemates cross-dress in his Big Brother task. He divided the housemates into pairs and then made them swap clothes.

The pairs were Liam and Calista, Nathan and Latoya, Victor and Emilia, Jeremony and Anthony shared Amy's clothes.

Boxer Anthony wore Amy's blue dress, gold jewellery, a black wig and sunglasses.

Entrepreneur Liam wore Calista's purple and silver dress. He then impersonated Calista by putting on a girly voice and saying "Hi, I'm Calista."

Liam also revealed he wasn't wearing any underwear which freaked Calista out.

Jeremy joined in the fun saying, "Does my bum look big in this?"